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This bike was first launched on Indian soil in 1983.The flagship model was a top of the line High torque road ripper, in other words a true mean machine. Capable of speeds up to 160 kmph and with an acceleration of 0-60 kmph in 4 secs, this bike is easily the fastest bike ever to be launched in India. However extremely high fuel consumption made this bike very unpopular amongst the common masses or the "Janta" which formed about 80% of the population, as a result the sales dropped drastically. In 1985, to make amends Escorts came out with the second flagship model, which was a toned down version of the first model. Although this bike had enough power to lick any other bike on the street, it was no match to the powerful bikes launched in '83 and '84.This model was clearly aimed at the more economy conscious segment of the population. However around that time came about the advent of the sub-100 cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke motorcycles. These bikes were not only economic in terms of fuel consumption, but were peppy enough to satisfy the needs of the average speed-freak. As a result the RD 350 sales nearly came to a stand-still and soon the production of the bike had to be discontinued.

  Sad but true, the RD 350 is no longer available for sale, however there are plenty of second-hand bikes around in real good condition waiting to be picked up. So if you are one of those guys who has the need for speed, but doesn't have a big fat wallet to buy the ultra-modern, super-sophisticated super bikes, then the RD 350 is the bike for you!! With good care and certain useful alterations this bike can prove to be a good companion for those long rides, for a real long time. I am a die-hard RD 350 enthusiast and have owned and ridden this 2stroke-wonder for the past 6 years. There is one thing that you have to remember though, this bike has one of the most versatile engines, hence with the right modifications this bike can even outperform bikes twice its size. So keep that in mind!! No wonder this bike is amongst the top 10 bikes of the century (Ranking by cycle world USA). Great going RD 350

Help needed for more articles and useful information about RD350 and its modifications.
Need drawings of Expansion chambers and information about other performance parts
so we can make this machine more powerful and less maintenance bike.

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